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Evesham Festive 10K

The first exclusive run for Myositis is being held in Evesham. The Myositis Evesham Festive 10K will be on Sunday 20th December. This is a scenic Worcestershire off road run starting at Evesham United FC and is being organised by Paul Evans who had JDM as a child and is currently in training for the London Marathon 2016. Proceeds of this run will be going towards Paul's London Marathon fundraising for Myositis UK.

The event is open for entries and there will be a bespoke medal and goodies for all completing runners. Entries online at: If you are in the area on the 20th December pop along and cheer on the participants! We hope to be there with a Myositis UK stall (weather permitting), so, come and say hi.

Paul writes,
"Outside of my family, not a lot of people know that when I was 9, I suffered with severe muscle weakness, which affected my ability to carry out simple tasks such as opening doors as well as taking part in sports and other physical activities. This significantly affected my confidence and caused a lot of discomfort.

Thanks to the amazing support of my aunt Tricia and my parents Bev and Richard, I saw a specialist and was diagnosed with Juvenile Dermatomyositis, a rare condition where the immune system attacks blood vessels throughout the body, causing these symptoms.

I went on to receive excellent treatment at Hammersmith Hospital in London and eventually made a full recovery around the age of 16, with no lasting effects. During this, my parents also received some great support from Myositis UK. The London Marathon is an amazing event I would love to be able to take part in and with my own personal experience with Dermatomyositis, Myositis UK means more to me than any other charity and I’d love the chance to raise a large amount of money for the charity as well spreading awareness of the charity and condition.

I also would love to be able to show others that are suffering with Dermatomyositis that there is hope of making a full recovery and leading a fit and active life.

I was very lucky; of the children diagnosed with and treated for Juvenile Dermatomyositis, only about half will recover completely. Close to 30 percent will be left with muscle weakness. Please help me raise money for the charity to further research and help support those suffering with the illness."

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