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Meetings // International Conference on Myositis

I am delighted to report on the, "First International Conference on Myositis"

<p>I am delighted to report on the, "First International Conference on Myositis" held at the Radisson Blu Royal Park hotel in Stockholm, Sweden.</p>
<p>Professor Ingrid Lundberg along with the Scientific Committee of The Karolinska Insitute in Stockholm has had a desire for many years to realise such an event and as a result of a generous grant from the Journal of International Medicine  has made this wonderful and ground making occasion possible.</p>
<p>It is her driving force in the development within the Myonet network sponsored by a five year grant from the European Science Foundation which was established in 2010, has spread making the network international. It was realised that this would create the opportunities to continue to collaborate across borders, geographical as well as disciplinary borders and this conference being the start of a continued activity that will stimulate research and clinical trials in myositis</p>
<p>Over one hundred and fifty world leading experts from France, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, Canada, Germany, Brazil, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Bulgaria, Poland, Japan, Mexico, Czech Republic, China, Switzerland, Moldova and of course, Sweden attended.</p>
<p>The display of posters all referring to myositis over the duration of the conference was awesome. This is the first time ever that I have seen such a mass of scientific content, for you normally have to search for these displays. It was also pleasing to see many young scientist, doctors and other medical professionals involved who are vital for future developments and treatments in myositis. There were even representatives from pharmaceutical companies present who were aware of this important development.</p>
<p>Myositis UK were kindly invited to attend for over the years has helped promote at every opportunity when funds were available to develop research projects and I was delighted to witness and be part of this historical event. The scientific community where equally aware of this important mile stone and to show the relevance of the occasion we were all invited to the City Hall, Stockholm for a reception where we were greeted by the leader of the council. After the meal we were taken on a conducted tour around the magnificent building. The building is famous for holding the banquet for the winner of the Nobel Peace prize. It was particularly fitting that this first international meeting was held in this prestigious setting promoting myositis and affording the profile that this conference deserved.</p>

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