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Meetings // Idiopathic Inflammatory Myopathies Workshop

Les Oakley MBE Chairman writes,

"Irene and I have attended the 213th European Neuro Muscular Centre (ENMC) meeting which Myositis UK helped to fund. This was held in Amsterdam, Holland on September 18th ‚€" 20th. The title for the workshop was, "Idiopathic Inflammatory Myopathies.‚€Ě It was chaired by Dr Alexandra Breukel who is managing director of ENMC.

A report will be given when the minutes have been written. It covered all forms of Myositis and associated issues that were well represented by doctors and scientists that also included a lung specialist. Again, as with the meeting in Stockholm earlier this year, representatives from around the world were present. They were from Norway, Sweden, France, Spain, Holland, United Kingdom and the United States.

It was a pleasure for me to be a witness to the cutting edge of Myositis debate and developments. The international medical community is working very hard on every issue about the diseases and there is no denying their dedication and enthusiasm.

Irene, after a discussion with members in the United Kingdom and abroad, was able to present and talk on, "Myositis outcome assessment from the patients‚€ô perspectives‚€Ě. This was well received and created a lively discussion.

It was also a pleasure to meet Daniel Ponce from France and Ingrid De Groot from Holland who have forms of Myositis and to hear how they are developing their patient groups in their respective countries as well as listening to their views in the discussions.

I am very grateful to the ENMC for holding this meeting and for their wonderful welcome, kindness and hospitality shown to us during our visit."

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