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Meetings // Global Conference on Myositis 2019

Myositis UK will be attending the 3rd Global Conference on Myositis in Berlin (GCOM 2019) from 27-30 March. If any members have a question that they would like us to put to the panel of experts, please email it to by 2 March. 

About GCOM

The Global Conference on Myositis (GCOM) is the premier international conference on inflammatory neuromuscular disorders.

There will be a number of workshops and talks covering multiple aspects of myositis and associated fields, including a patient-centred workshop. This provides the chance for patients and patient organisation representatives to interact and exchange with internationally renowned experts in the field of myositis.

The patient-centered workshop will take place on Thursday 28 March from 2-4pm. Mrs Silke Schlüter, chair of the patient organisation German Myositis Group, and Dr Jens Schmidt, Neurologist at the university hospital in Güttingen, Germany will moderate the session.

 Also present will be Dr Oceane Landon-Cardinal, rheumatologist at the University Hospital Montréal, Canada, Dr Christopher Mecoli, rheumatologist at the Johns Hopkins University, USA and Dr Rohit Aggarwal, rheumatologist at the University of Pittsburg, USA. They will give an overview on Patient Reported Outcome measures (PROs) in the first part of the session. This will cover:

This will be followed by a 1-hour Q&A session where patients and patient organisation representatives are very welcome to address the professional experts directly with their questions about myositis.

On Saturday 30 March 2019 from 11.15am-12pm, there will also be a patient session led by Dr Mazen Dimachkie, Neurologist at the University of Kansas, USA. This will provide a platform for networking and for patient organisations from different countries to present themselves to the audience and give an overview of their work.

If any member would like to attend the conference, please visit for more information and registration details. 


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