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Myositis research is being undertaken across the United Kingdom, Europe and America with much excitement and enthusiasm. The rareness of the diseases makes qualitative research at a single centre and even in a single country difficult. It is through global collaborations and international working groups that promising research is being performed. Myositis UK keenly supports and promotes this work.

Recently Awarded Grants

Dr Michael Rose, Kings College - £35,000 for a living with IBM project.
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Dr Lisa Rider, Dr Fred Miller, Dr Jiri Vencovsky, equivalent of $10,000 for International Collaborative Meeting in Paris June 2014
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Professor Mike Hanna, Queens Square London - £60,000 for IBM projects
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Professor S Ray, Oxford Brooks University - £16,000 for Stem Cell Research
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Professor David Hamilton Jones, where - £1,500 for IBM antibody research
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Grants Awarded in the Financial Year 2012-2013

Dr Patrick Gordon, Kings College London- £11,728 for running costs of the ARTIMIS Trial (funded by Bristol-Myers Squibb) investigating the role of T cells in disease mechanisms of dermatomyositis and polymyositis
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Dr Zoe Betteridge, Bath University - £17,729 for salary costs to allow continuation of her research of antibody identification and profiling in Myositis
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Prof Lucy Wedderburn, Institute of Child Health (UCL) – maintenance of the JDM Register and Repository and development of its use more directly in clinic
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The cost of large scale research (fully-funded PhD Studentship, clinical trial etc.) currently exceeds our funding capacity but the charity would embrace the opportunity to do so. The money we raise is spent with the philosophy to fund pilot projects to tempt larger organisations to carry forward the work. This approach has been fruitful on several occasions. We also work closely with investigators to collaborate with part-funding projects, this approach also works well.

A grant of $10,000 to part fund a workshop at the EULAR international conference in June 2014. The workshop is to further develop the established core set measure for worldwide use. This project is headed by Dr Lisa Rider, Dr Fred Miller and Dr Jiri Venchovsky.

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