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Research // Research, investigators, collaborations and centres we have supported

Projects funded by Myositis UK thanks to the wonderful support of its members and supporters.

Much of the work has been or will be published, for more details of work published in scientific journal visit

Professor David Scott, Dr Yuen-Li Chung, & Dr Nicolo Pipitone
Development of MRI & MRS Imaging of Myositis muscle.
Analysis of creatine and other muscle metabolites in urine.
Myositis Perception of Health Profiling
Creatine + Exercise Clinical Trial and trial co-ordinator salary
Part of the salary for Dr Yuen-Li Chung
Part of the salary for Dr Nicolo Pipitone
Patrick Gordon
ARTIMIS Trial running costs in the UK arm
Dr Ernst Choy
Assisted in the recruitment for the ARC funded SELAM Clinical Trial. The SELAM (SEcond Line Agents in Myositis) was the first double-blinded clinical trial to assess the effectiveness of two common treatments (methotrexate and cyclosporine) for inflammatory Myositis. Patient recruitment to this multi-centre trial funded by the ARC, began in 2001 and finished in 2003.
Dr Michael Rose
IBM collaborative research meeting.
New projects - Guidelines for best practice in IBM study.
Prof Robert Cooper & Dr Hector Chinoy
Genetic studies in DM/PM, IBM and JDM. Collation of serological data with demographic, lifestyle and clinical data to predict outcome and most suitable treatments. Early funding of this work by the Myositis UK helped Dr Chinoy obtain a Clinical Research Fellowship grant from the Arthritis Research Council.
Professor Mike Hanna, Dr Stefan Brady, Dr Matt Parton, Dr Pedro Machano and Dr Adrian Millar
Salary and bridging salaries for Dr Adrian Millar and Dr Stefan Brady Various funding to IBM projects including MRI studies and Arimoclomal clinical trials.
Research Physiotherapist A Hiscock
Assistance of funding for distribution of the Falls Questionnaire in IBM
Professor Caroline Sewry and Dr Janet Horton Laboratory consumables for the IBM study – "The Alzheimers' disease of Muscle – diagnostic challenges"
Professor David Isenberg & Dr Shabina Sultan Assessment of the effects Myositis on quality of life. Salary for Dr Sultan to study the long term outcomes of Myositis
First two United Kingdom IMACS meetings to develop international criteria to diagnose and treat Myositis.
Assessment of the IMACS tools to diagnose and treat Myositis in patients.
Computerisation of the IMACS tools for use in clinical trials
Professor Jo Edwards & Dr Geraldine Cambridge Rituximab clinical treatment trial. Purchase of microscope.
Professor Lucy Wedderburn & Dr Clarissa Pilkington
Study meetings for the International Consensus Group on JDM muscle biopsy.
Salary for a histological technician to prepare muscle biopsies for the study of pathological changes.
Development of a scoring system for classification of JDM muscle biopsies.
Updating of servers for the JDM National Registry & Repository
Development of the JDM National Registry & Repository servers for better application in clinic
Dr Neil McHugh, Dr Harsha Gunawardena & Dr Zoe Betteridge
Salary and bridging salaries for Dr Zoe Betteridge.
MSA and MAA research – associations of antibodies in patients with myositis
Dr Russell Lane
Study of emerin in the pathogenesis of IBM
Mr Peter Charles
Laboratory consumable for myositis research
Dr Olivier Harari
Laboratory equipment to study novel Myositis proteins
Dr Haluk Topologu
JDM studies
Dr Michael Kunaver
JDM studies
Prof Caroline Sewry
Purchase of specialised frozen storage equipment
Dr A Lehay
JDM Studies
Dr John Winer
Exercise and Azathioprine assessment trial
Dr Stephen Ray
Stem Cell Research
Prof Chet Oddis
University of Pittsburgh Development and modification of the MITAX MYODAM indices for use in Rituximab Clinical Trial
Grant to the European Neuromuscular Centre
Cost of IBM specialists attending the 188th ENMC International Workshop
Dr Lisa Rider, Dr Fred Miller and Jiri Vencovsky
New - awaiting details

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